Ivo Emanuilov is a Guest Speaker at the International Summer School in IT Law (IN SITU) 2018 in Hannover on Legal Issues of Automation in Transport

Ivo Emanuilov, expert at LIBRe Foundation, delivered a lecture session on 'Legal Issues of Data Liability and Automation in Transport' in front of students from the International Summer School in IT Law (IN SITU) 2018 in Hannover, Germany. For another year, participants from over 15 countries in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa visited one of the most prestigious German universities to spend three weeks in discussions with prominent information technology and intellectual property law professionals. The program included a wide variety of topics, ranging from the legal regime of autonomous vehicles to personal data protection after death.

Mr. Emanuilov presented before more than 35 students and young legal practitioners the general regulatory framework in the field of transport management in Europe as well as key aspects of international and European law addressing the issues of data liability and automation in the sector. A number of case studies and problems that require future regulation and/or responsible testing/implementation were also presented giving food for thought to the participants. The highly specialized training session allowed the participants to discover new opportunities for professional growth in one of the fastest growing sectors with respect to automation development. A study case addressing the issues described above was designed for the purposes of the exam at the end of the training period within each summer school edition.