LIBRe Foundation is a Bulgarian not-for-profit non-governmental organisation established in 2015 with the mission to contribute to the national digital policies and to facilitate the technology penetration in the professional and personal life.

The organisation works in the fields of digital society and digital rights, information management, intellectual property rights in an online environment, privacy and security, e-government, and e-justice. Our activities include research on information technologies, organisational behaviour and law, as well as development of interactive solutions and communication strategies, organisation of awareness campaigns on key issues in our competence areas, publishing, and training.

Our main goals are to:

provide support to national government bodies and European institutions in the development of sector-specific and union policies for adoption and implementation of new technologies within the state administration and judiciary, and the penetration of technologies in today’s society, by establishing transparency, security, sustainability and democracy in the information society;

assist national and European stakeholders in policy making through development, support and execution of extensive desk and field research and scientific work, and implementation of programs and projects in the field of innovations and technological development;

provide information and dissemination of results among stakeholders on the latest achievements of the experts’ communities, thus assisting in finding new solutions and drawing road maps for effective application of new technologies in daily life;

implement projects aiming at the development of Internet and information technologies as well as their successful applications in a wide range of professional areas and cultural sectors for social growth and security.

In 2017 LIBRe Foundation was registered in the Bulgarian Current Research Information System (BulCRIS) and is among the officially acknowledged research organisations in the country.

LIBRe Foundation does not provide free legal services or other form of legal aid and assistance. The information on the website should not be regarded as legal advice and taking action based on this information is on risk and responsibility of the users.