Summer at LIBRe is Much Better with our New Intern!

We are happy that for yet another summer the team of LIBRe Foundation is joined by an intern with strong motivation to gain closer experience in the field of ICT law. Meet Tsvetinka Andreeva, a law student at Sofia University “St. Kiliment Ohridski”.

We are happy that for yet another summer the team of LIBRe Foundation is joined by an intern with strong motivation to gain closer experience in the field of ICT law. Meet Tsvetinka Andreeva, a law student at Sofia University “St. Kiliment Ohridski”. She is the winner of the second prize at LIBRe Essay Contest 2017 - a paid internship at LIBRe Foundation, with specialization in ICT law and related fields. Get to know her first impressions from working with us…


Hi Tsveti! Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Greetings! My name is Tsvetinka Andreeva and I am a law student at Sofia University “St. Kiliment Ohridski”. I have completed my course of study and started an internship at LIBRe Foundation almost a month ago. I am interested in intellectual property rights, and visual arts in general are great passion of mine. My passion for ICT Law is growing as well, and the internship has revealed to me many new horizons in this area. I enjoy travelling and had the opportunity to study one semester at the Latvian University where I got introduced to European Business Law, Media Ethics, and EU Social Law.

You participated two years in a row in LIBRe Essay Contest, organized by LIBRe Foundation. What attracts you to this initiative?

First, it was the main idea behind the contest that attracted me. Most of our daily activities are online, and yet in the university we do not discuss in depth the challenges that law faces in the digital age. I really liked the fact that I could choose the topic of my essay on my own; and I saw my participation as an opportunity to improve my knowledge. The prizes were also very attractive - they were chosen so that they could complement really well one’s future development in the field of ICT Law.

This year I decided to participate mostly because of the comprehensive review I received on my previous essay in the 2016 edition. The evaluation committee had pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of my previous work which really helped me a lot this year.

The topic you chose this year is about exhaustion of copyright in digital environment and it somehow continues you previous work in this direction. Why the field of intellectual property rights attracted you in the first place?

I believe that human’s mind is our most valuable possession. Its capacity is practically unlimited and when we bind it with rules, these rules have to encourage development, creativity, innovations, rather than restricting and repressing its capabilities. There is a constant discussion and a lot of ambivalent views on intellectual property rights and I believe that IP Law will continue to change and improve on both national and international levels.

What were your first expectations when you found out that you had won a second place in the LIBRe Essay Contest 2017 - paid internship in LIBRe Foundation? How did you imagine one day in the office?

I was worried that my lack of knowledge in technology would be an obstacle to have a successful internship at the Foundation. Also, I wasn’t sure if my legal knowledge would have been enough to make me a valuable participant in the projects and the research work conducted by LIBRe. Thus, expecting daily challenges of unexpected and unfamiliar nature in the field of ICT law.

So, how does one day in the office actually look like?

The latter turned out to be true, but I have the support and the help of every member of the team. No matter how busy the day in the office is, everyone would find time to listen to your ideas. My favourite part of the day is when we share and discuss technology news and the legal problems we face. The atmosphere in the office is motivating and all my worries were replaced by constant thirst for knowledge.

Your work at LIBRe Foundation is primarily focused on research. What kind of topics are you working on and what is the greatest challenge for you?

On my first day in the Foundation I received one broad and interesting task – to conduct a research on data ownership and access to data. This project is inspired by the European Commission’s initiative on “Building a European data economy” and covers problems existing both in both the public and private sectors. It aims to evaluate the current legislation in the field and to assess future legislative measures and their influence on the economy. I was particularly interested in the possibility of дата being a consideration in providing online services.

In what field would you like to further extend your knowledge?

My first encounter with the ICT Law showed me that you shouldn't develop yourself in only one particular field. Being a good lawyer requires you to have a comprehensive view over the problems which the law is trying to solve. I hope I will have the chance to continue working in the field of IP and ICT Law, believing that their importance will grow in time.

What is your advice to the participants in the next LIBRe Essay Contest edition in 2018?

Choose a topic which is interesting to you, not only from legal and technological, but also from social point of view; and do not fear to express and defend your opinion!

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