eGovernment Consultancy

LIBRе Foundation provides consultations and services to bring organizations from the public sector in line with eGovernment legislation, electronic authentication services, personal data protection, and more.

LIBRe Foundation team has years of experience in advising the public sector. With respect to these efforts and accumulated expertise, the organization has implemented a number of initiatives and services targeted at central and local government and the judiciary, as well as organizations providing public services or performing public functions.

Framework Initiative for e-Government Development in Bulgaria aims to support the public sector and the organizations providing administrative services at central, regional or municipal level, in the implementation of software solutions and changes of the organizational processes for the implementation of the e-Government legislation, electronic authentication services, electronic identification, personal data protection, etc. The initiative includes consultations, preparation of opinions, proposals for amending and supplementing internal documents, etc., and explanatory meetings in relation to regulatory changes.

Special efforts are dedicated to the Healthcare Sector. The awareness and training activities within the Framework Initiative for Personal Data Protection in the Healthcare Sector in Bulgaria aim to create an understanding among the Healthcare Sector’s representatives about the categories of personal data processed by their organizations and how information flows and links in the exchange of information within and between organizations and third parties effect patients' rights; to clarify the technical, organizational and legal measures that organizations must take to protect the personal data processed in the course of providing health services and how such transformation would affect the activities of healthcare establishments; and to provide detailed guidance on how to meet the requirements of the new legal framework. A specific focus of the initiative is placed on explaining the peculiarities of processing patients’ health data, especially data related to vulnerable groups and children, and the specifics of the healthcare institutions' activities in sharing information about the health of the patients to third parties. The initiative also includes consultations, preparation of explanatory materials and 1:1 meetings; and is targeted at healthcare managers, professionals, administrators, communications experts and journalists working in the Healthcare Sector, e-health software developers, etc. Other consultations of legal and/or organizational nature are focused on the development of IT products for the Healthcare Sector and the overall development of telemedicine on national level.

In addition, the team of the LIBR Foundation has a long-term and proven record in providing legal and organizational analyzes and consultations in the field of public procurement: full range of consulting services related to the application of the public procurement legislation; structuring of procedures for selection of contractors and complete preparation of tender dossiers, including preparation of technical specifications and assignments, preparation of evaluation methodologies, technical and price proposals templates, etc.; consulting on the process of evaluating applications and offers; consulting on the documentation for participation in announced procedures for selection of contractors under the Bulgarian Public Procurement Act; consulting on preparation and completion of tenders and requests for participation; consulting on challenging the decisions on announcing of procedures and for selecting contractors – for all types of procedures announced under the Bulgarian Public Procurement Act.

For an individual offer or clarification with respect to the services offered, please contact LIBRe Foundation team directly.
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