Framework Initiative for e-Government Development in Bulgaria


Period:  05/2016 - Present
Status:  Current
Contacts:  Alexandra Tsvetkova

Framework Initiative for e-Government Development in Bulgaria aims to support the public sector and the organizations providing administrative services at central, regional or municipal level, in the implementation of software solutions and changes of the organizational processes for the implementation of the e-Government legislation, electronic authentication services and electronic identification. The initiative includes consultations, preparation of opinions, proposals for amending and supplementing internal documents, etc., and explanatory meetings in relation to regulatory changes.

The initiative also includes:

Provision of oral and written consultations and opinions on issues in the areas of legal aspects of information and communication technologies, information management and related fields targeted at software companies operating with public institutions.

Consultations and drafting statements in the field of law, information technologies and organizational development for preparation of technical offers for software developers providing services for administrative bodies at central, regional or municipal level, as part of the overall public procurement process.

Preparation of technical specifications and public procurement documentations under the Bulgarian Public Procurement and e-Government Acts.

More information on the consultancy services provided in the field of e-Government can be found here.

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