Alexandra Tsvetkova: The Abandoned e-Justice

Modern Law Magazine (Bulgaria, Issue 3/2018) published a critical review by Alexandra Tsvetkova, Director of LIBRe Foundation, on the current development of e-Justice in Bulgaria.

The amendments of the Judiciary Act of August 9, 2016 laid the normative grounds for e-Justice in Bulgaria. With the promulgation in 2017 of the last of the four by-laws on the implementation of Chapter eighteen „a“ „Certification of statements and procedural actions in electronic form“, the legal framework in the field is considered to be formally completed. The delegation of obligations for regulatory provision of specific aspects of e-Justice to decisions of the General Assembly of the Bulgarian Supreme Judicial Council aims to develop the legal framework in an operational manner in view of the dynamics of technological and legislative developments. To date, however, this approach has the opposite effect.

The article, titled 'The Abondened e-Justice', provides a critical insight into the unfulfilled obligations of the Supreme Judicial Council on the current regulatory framework of e-Justice of a legal nature that hinder the organizational and technological development of the sector. These delays question the possibility of creating, in time, workable IT solutions to be used in communication between and with the judicial authorities.

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