Period:  11/2016 - 01/2017
Status:  Finished
Contacts:  Alexandra Tsvetkova

In 2016 ApTI, the Association for Technology and Internet, Romania has produced a series of short animated videos on privacy as part of a larger awareness campaign in Romania on data protection. The videos are dedicated to the myriad of diverse interactions of citizens with information technologies throughout their daily activities - by visually representing a series of typical everyday situations, every episode of the series sheds light on the often overlooked, but complex issues of the digital society, including topics related to information management, security on the Internet, digital rights, privacy and data protection. The project aims to meet the need for greater awareness of citizens on the aforementioned range of topics.

In response to the call for assistance published in October 2016, LIBRe Foundation supported the project and launched a process of translation and adaptation of the video content in Bulgarian.

The leading objectives of the initiative are:

To raise awareness amongst Bulgarian citizens about their rights as subjects of personal data, which rights are guaranteed under the relevant national legislation;

To enhance the information security of Bulgarian citizens by providing information on the basic concepts of the Internet and the inherent risks online as well as through promoting best practices for the avoidance adverse outcomes;

To build the trust of the Bulgarian public at large in information society services and to encourage their widespread use at a national level;

To contribute to the adoption of an adequate culture of social interaction online.

The efforts of LIBRe Foundation are focused on bringing the content of the educational materials as close as possible to the cultural, social and economic specificities at national level in order to facilitate effective perception of the transmitted educational messages and to achieve optimally the desired informational purposes. The project is supported by the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection, which finances the technical implementation of the video adjustment for Bulgaria.

The video adaptations could be found at the CPDP YouTube Channel as well as LIBRe Foundation's Facebook page.

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