LIBRe @ My Success Cloud Computing, IoT and Beyond: Business 4.0 – Tendences and Innovations in the Connected World, Sofia

Enterprise Magazine (Bulgaria) organized 'My Success Cloud Computing, IoT and Beyond: Business 4.0 – Tendences and Innovations in the Connected World' Forum aiming to show the audience the current trends in four main directions:

technologies that changed business - IT Cloud, Cloud Sourcing, Big Data, Internet of Things;

reaching the Cloud's potential - opportunities and challenges;

managed services, outsourcing and cloud sourcing;

monetization of new business models: IT services, Cloud Services, Internet of Things.

Alexandra Tsvetkova, Director of LIBRe Foundation, gave a presentation on the legal and ethical aspects of autonomous systems and some of the critical aspects of the transition from automation to autonomy. Some of the issues discussed with the audience included questions like: how to create a legal framework for something that does not yet exist (SAE L4/L5), how are the competences on regulating autonomous cars allocated between Member States and EU, and what are the applicable rules for responsibility, data protection and cybersecurity. Key legal challenges that have been addressed during the session included: regulating the minimum set of data needed for establishing liability of parties involved in the design and development of autonomous systems; regulating the access to (safety-critical) data; regulating the access to transport data and vehicle data; protection of personal data; industrial data ownership and the blurring of the boundaries between personal and industrial data; the free competition between the parties on the same market; and so on. By giving examples with autonomous cars and drones, Alexandra Tsvetkova discusses the need for evolution of the legal framework and the respective ethical standards for development of (responsible) artificial intelligence.

The event was aimed at senior executives - representatives of industrial and manufacturing enterprises in the field of heavy and light industries, healthcare institutions, state organizations, companies working in the field of transportation, logistics, trade and services, telecommunications, banking, financing, insurance and social security, etc. (managers, executive directors, CEOs, CFOs); state officials; IT directors; IT experts; project managers; auditors, and consultants.

The full program and event information can be found here.