Organizational Development and Project Management

Through the years, LIBRe’s team has been building its expertise in providing independent consultations and technical support for solving a wide range of issues concerning non-profit organisations, including strategy development, development of managerial methods and procedures, specific services or social initiatives, as well as implementation of these decisions. This is a specific sector whose management culture in Bulgaria is still underdeveloped and misinterpreted. Through our expertise we aim to support non-governmental organisations in their growth and in the process of discovering their own successful ways and potential.

In recent years, we have been specialising in the implementation of different strategies for engaging civil society sector in discussions and consultations on governmental policies; and for supporting their participation in national and international research programs and promoting their role as key partners in the communication of strategic matters between the European institutions and the citizens.

We also provide:

organisational management consulting for NGOs and SMEs, incl. public image development, administrative and financial management, personnel management, and overall infrastructure and technical support planning; development of partner network and a range of services and activities performed by these organisations; and

project management consulting, i.e. planning, complete coordination and implementation of project activities, financial and time management, project team management, stakeholder communication, and accounting; as well as

consultations on specific legal areas (IT Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Privacy and Data Protection Law), project funding, public procurement, and public-private partnerships.