Multidisciplinary Applied Research and Analyses in IT Law

LIBRe Foundation specialises in the development of legal and organizational analysis and research of technological or socio-economic nature, applying best practices, interdisciplinary methodologies and techniques in the field of law, information technology and organizational behaviour and planning.

The focus of our team lays with developing expertise in multidisciplinary research, particularly in the identification of the legal constraints and socio-economic factors affecting the adoption of new technologies in different professional fields, sector policies, and private life. We aim to define balanced legal, social and technological measures for smart integration of the emerging technologies as well as to study their further usage towards achieving stable growth and improvement. In 2017 LIBRe Foundation was registered in the Bulgarian Current Research Information System and is among the officially acknowledged research organisations in the country.

With its projects, LIBRe Foundation addresses issues related to digitization and integration of emerging and converging technologies, information security and personal data protection in:

civil society development and elaboration of modern mechanisms for empowerment and protection of the rights of citizens being participants in democratic processes, consumers, patients, etc.;

fight against crime and the specificities of e-Justice, including enhancing judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters;

border and customs control, counter-terrorism and radicalization;

security and intelligent forms of investigation;

disaster and crisis management;

development of intelligent transport systems and smart cities infrastructure;

healthcare and Internet of Bodies;

Internet of Things and Industry 4.0;

establishment of professional networks for multidisciplinary cooperation and exchange of good practices.

We seek for partnership in the following areas:

Digital Policies: digital society policy and regulation; digital culture; digital storytelling; digital rights; ex-ante impact assessments: planning and assessment of (new) policy instruments; and evaluations and ex post impact assessments in systemic contexts;

Privacy and Data Protection: foundations of privacy; personal data protection; health data; privacy by design; privacy enhancing technologies; security and personal data breaches; and behavioural tracking;

Data Science: contextual experience; disruptive developments and transformations analysis; machine learning; scalable data engineering and analytics; blockchain technologies; robotics and automation; data ownership; and data visualization;

Technology-enhanced Culture and Intellectual Products: traditional media; information society and copyright; IPR strategies for Industry 4.0; fair use and shared economy; open culture; and open innovation;

Government Innovation Systems & Digitalisation: whole-of-government approach; enhanced service delivery; multichannel approach; sectoral policies implementation; open government data; and government within urban innovation systems;

Responsive Justice: sustainable concepts towards e-justice; access of citizens to justice; effective judicial action; electronic evidence; intelligent legal information management; and automated execution of legal rules;

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT security and privacy; IoT data analytics and artificial intelligence; IoT interactive (IoT user experience); industrial IoT; digital manufacturing and development of Industry 4.0; smart cities and regions; smart homes; augmented and virtual reality;

Internet of Bodies (IoB): care and health related services; wearables; medical devices; eHealth ecosystem; data acquisition and processing; IoB security and privacy;

Connected and Autonomous Transportations: risk assessment and accident prevention; dynamic traffic control; road safety and community policing; connected and autonomous land vehicles; airborne vision and drones; and integrated mobility systems;

Security: network infrastructure and cyber security; legal and technological design of security; embedded security; smart surveillance technologies; community policing; and ICT-enhanced disaster management.

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