IT Law Consulting for Judicial Authorities

LIBRe Foundation provides consultations and services to bring judicial authorities in line with eJustice legislation, electronic certification services, personal data protection, and more.

LIBRe Foundation’s Framework Initiative for e-Justice Development in Bulgaria (and related projects) aims to support the Justice Sector by providing opinions, statements, advice and training on e-Justice and technology-related legal issues. The program supports the process of introducing magistrates, court officials and IT experts from the judiciary authorities to strategic documents and the new legislative framework in the area of e-Justice in Bulgaria, including but not limited to:

key concepts, basic provisions and detailed specificities of the work of the courts related to the procedures and tools for carrying out procedural acts and authentication statements in electronic form;

organizational procedures for keeping and access to electronic cases and electronic evidence as well as the organizational procedures for internal document exchange and storing of other information by the judicial administration;

keeping, storing, and access to the register of judicial decisions; and

use of electronic signature and electronic identification by the judicial authorities.

The initiative also covers work on ongoing projects and initiatives for the development of e-Justice at national level and their relationship to the overall registration reform in Bulgaria as well as to those initiated and guided on a pan-European level.

Moreover, General Data Protection Regulation applies to the activities of courts and other judicial authorities. The competence of data protection supervisory authorities does not cover the processing of personal data when courts are acting in their judicial capacity, in order to safeguard the independence of the judiciary in the performance of its judicial tasks, including decision-making. Тhese particularities in the work of the judicial bodies are addressed by LIBRе Foundation Team in consultations and joint activities related to the implementation of the personal data protection legislation by representatives of the judiciary.

If the services we provide are of interest to you, please contact the LIBRe Foundation team for an individual offer or a discussion for future joint work.