LIBRe @ 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, Sofia

The Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection, jointly with the European Data Protection Supervisor, organized the most important international forum in the field of data protection and privacy for sharing knowledge, experience and ideas in the field - International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners - between 22 and 26 October 2018. For almost four decades since its convening in 1979, it has served as a meeting platform for leaders in the field of personal data protection. This is achieved through the joint efforts of organizations from 6 continents - a total of one hundred and ten accredited members and sixteen observers.

The 40th International Conference, was held simultaneously in Brussels and Sofia, and contributes to the development of the discussion on the ethical dimensions of personal data processing in the digital era. The Conference took place under the title „Debating Ethics: Dignity and Respect in Data Driven Life”. For the first time, the conference was jointly organized by a European institution and a national data protection authority. 2018 provided an opportunity for the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection and the European Data Protection Supervisor to highlight the leading role of the European Union in shaping policies and means of protection of personal data and access to information worldwide.

The Conference Program in Sofia was held on 22 and 23 October 2018 with sessions devoted to the universal values of privacy, the balance between public interest and data subjects' rights, smart solutions for data security and accountability, digital ethics in modern communications and virtual reality, as well as focused discussions on protecting privacy in the financial and insurance sectors and in cases of outsourcing data.

LIBRe Foundation, together with United Drone Community, had the honour of organizing a specialized side event during the second day of the conference dedicated to the privacy and ethical issues of drones with respect to the of users - „Drones: Ethics of a PlayStation Mentality”. Alexandra Tsvetkova, Director of the Foundation, delivered an introductory speech outlining the key problems, followed by a demonstration prepared by the United Drone Community pilots.

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