Tsvetinka Andreeva

Tsvetinka Andreeva

Of Counsel


Tsvetinka Andreeva graduated from Sofia University with a degree in law. Hер practice and professional interests are focused on intellectual property rights, while she also shares that visual arts have always been her passion. Part of her education took place at the Latvian University where she got introduced to European Business Law, Media Ethics, and EU Social Law.

She won second prize at LIBRe Essay Contest 2017 - a paid internship at LIBRe Foundation with specialization in ICT law and related fields; with a paper dedicated to copyright exhaustion in the digital environment. She joined LIBRe Foundation as a legal assistant for the 07/2017 - 12/2017 period; and continues to this day to actively support the organization in various initiatives and events related to her professional interests.

Currently, she specializes in contract law, ICT law, intellectual property protection and competition law at a law firm in Sofia.