LIBRe Foundation @ Criminal Justice in Cyberspace Conference, Bucharest

The three-day forum on ‘Criminal Justice in Cyberspace’ took place under the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and was jointly organized by the Ministry of Justice (Romania) and the Cybercrime Programme Office of the Council of Europe (C-PROC) in Bucharest.

Criminal justice is an important element of the response to cybercrime and other crime in cyberspace involving electronic evidence. While cyberthreats and their impact are increasing and affecting core values of societies in Europe and worldwide, criminal justice authorities are faced with complex challenges. At the same time, solutions are in place or are being developed. Examples are the EC’s e-Evidence proposals or the preparation of an additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime at the Council of Europe. And both organisations have been supporting capacity building on cybercrime worldwide for many years.

The purpose of the conference was to add further momentum to solutions in place or in preparation and to promote cooperation at all levels to strengthen the rule of law in cyberspace.

More information about the event, its agenda and all presentations/resources shared during the three days can be found here.

LIBRe Foundation was the only NGO to take part in the conference and Alexandra Tsvetkova, Director of the organization, had the opportunity to represent one of LIBRe's projects - EVIDENCE2e-CODEX, dealing with secure exchange of electronic evidence in cross-border investigations.

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