Second in a Row: Training on the Application оf EU Competition Law Tools and Concepts to Digital Markets, CONNECTOR Project

The training on the application оf EU Competition Law tools and concepts to digital markets was held on 09-11 July 2018 at RIU Pravets Golf & SPA Resort, Pravets. 16 national judges attended the training.

The participants followed a series of lectures and case-study sessions on online business models and platforms, specific challenges of enforcing the competition rules in the digital sector, digital monopolies as a threat to competition and innovation, restrictive contractual clauses for distribution of consumer goods and digital content, and the distinction between anti-competitive conduct and legitimate business practices.

According to participants’ feedback, the strongest accents in the training were its practical approach and the numerous examples with up-to-date market services, discussions on specific cases from the European jurisprudence, the national supervisory authority and the Bulgarian courts, as well as speakers’ expertise and experience. The quality of the training materials and the overall event organisation were also highly assessed.

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