LIBRe Foundation provides organisational and legal counselling to small and medium-sized enterprises and non-for-profit non-governmental organizations on IT Law implementation towards developing the scope of services and activities performed by the organizations, including but not limited to: IT systems and applications development, drafting of e-commerce policies, consultations on privacy issues, intellectual property, etc.

The range of consultation topics include:

e-Commerce and Information Society Services:

(legal) consultations and analyses on the requirements for information society service providers and consumer protection within the scope of the Bulgarian e-Commerce Act;

(legal) consultations and analyses with regards to the rights and obligations of service providers/users while using of electronic means of communication.

e-Payment Instruments:

(legal) consultations on the obligations of payment service providers, requirements for cross-border payments by electronic means, and electronic money;

smart contracts (legal) consulting.

Intellectual Property:

(legal) consultations on software applications’ copyright and preparation of contracts granting rights of use;

(legal) consultations on copyright and related rights on objects of copyright in the online space (music, movies, e-books) and preparation of contracts granting rights of use;

(legal) consultations on registration of national and EU trademarks.

Consultations on the preparation of audio-visual advertising content in accordance with national and EU legislation.

Information Management:

(legal) consultations on privacy by design measures for software applications and/or embedded security technologies and controls access to information and resources;

(legal) consultations on drafting privacy policies and personal data protection programs for data controllers Data Protection Officer as a service, etc.;

consultations on preparation of legal documents and procedures guaranteeing the rights of data subjects, incl. policies for use of websites, policies for using “cookies”, etc .;

development of comprehensive Data Protection Program for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Redesign of legal documents in the field of e-Commerce, data protection, etc. using graphical elements that illustrate the content of the document, the rights and obligations of the addressee and the development of legal relations from their emergence through development and termination, by creating alternative and accessible to the general public version of each document that gives a clear picture for the corresponding users for the rights and obligations that arise for them.

More than 30 private organizations have already trusted our expertise. For more information about the services we have fulfilled, please visit:

Framework Initiative for SMEs Development - for consultations aimed at private legal entities and individual experts;

Framework Initiative for NGOs Development - for consultations aimed at non-for-profit legal entities.

If the services we provide are of interest to you, please contact the LIBRe Foundation team for an individual offer for future coopertion.