Alexandra Tsvetkova, Director of LIBRe Foundation and an expert on legal aspects of information technologies and personal data protection, participated as a guest lecturer during DC/RC Pazardzhik’s Joint Open Doors Day held on 16 April 2018.

Ms. Tsvetkova's speech was dedicated to children's privacy and personal data protection and security when using and interacting with emerging and converging technologies, introducing the guests to the event with their capabilities, advantages and potential negative consequences.

During the event, the students from the Secondary School of Economics and Marketing - Pazardzhik got acquainted with the "connected world" concept or the so called Internet of Things, referring to the increased digitalization in everyday objects. Each new technological device, whether a "smart" TV or a "smart" tooth brush is being developed with the idea of their connection to the Internet, which provides the users with virtually endless possibilities. But this technological boom is precisely what poses one of the most serious issues over the protection of personal data and privacy.

Using multiple examples, Ms. Tsvetkova demonstrated the possibilities of a smart home and how the technologies affect children's perceptions and change their daily routine and the routine of their parents and friends.

The lecture was complemented by a drone demonstration prepared by Drone ARENA team. Anton Pоuliyski showed the possibilities of video surveillance via a drone and how the "toy" could be a risk for the children's security and personal data.

At the end of the meeting, the students received valuable guidance on how to adapt their behavior in the electronic space in order to better protect their data and reputation.